Special Event Decor

Luminous Spring Luncheon

Luminous Spring Luncheon

I LOVE doing tablescapes! For events, charities, whatever the occasion might be- it’s all just pure fun for me. There are just so many details that make all the difference and to me, the more details to manage, the more exciting!

This table was designed for the Lymphoma Research Foundation’s first annual Kitchen and Tasting Tour held on February 23, 2013. Tickets were sold to benefit LRF’s AZ chapter and allowed participants to tour six North Scottsdale homes. Each home featured a local chef who served up tasty delights and dining rooms adorned with beautiful tablescapes. The dining room that I was chosen to dress up for the party was in an 8,000sf luxury home built by Luxor Homes. On the market for a cool $4.95M, it was decided that the design had to be of the same level of detail in order to excite and tantalize the guests.

No-Sew Tablecloth

This stunning table cloth was made using only scissors! Anyone can make it- here’s how: Cut sheer fabric into strips equal to one third the width of the fabric. To calculate the length of the strips you need, take the width of the table and add 24″, then do the same for the length- this is very important to allow for the shrinkage that occurs during assembly. ie; This table was 120″ long, so we cut the long strips 168″long- or we should have… hence the note above about shrinkage!  😉 It took four hands and almost twice as many hours to cinch and tie each strip together. Of course, we measured both directions at every intersection. If you aren’t careful with this, it won’t sit square on your table. These are 5″ squares- smaller would have been too solid looking and larger was too open.  It’s good to use a ribbon that doesn’t slide on itself so the knots don’t come undone.

Unintentional Inspiration
Unintentional Inspiration

Before we came up with the design for the table, we visited the house once and this lamp is around the corner in the family room. I probably walked by it four or five times that day, but don’t actually remember making “eye contact” with it. I noticed it the day of the install when we were leaving and about fell over as a close up view shows that it is made to look like gathered fabric tied together. I love that we are always influenced by everything we sense… you just have to be open to it all! Stay tuned as I reveal each layer of the table, step-by-step. Wait until you see what we used for the charger!

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