Special Event Decor

Luminous Spring Luncheon- Part II

Metal Wall Art Placemat

This blog post is going to cover the place setting and it’s ingredients. The next layer in the tablescape is the placemat. I already laid the groundwork for something unique and sculptural that I didn’t want to completely cover up. The home had very transitional elements and I knew I needed something dark to show up against the gold sheer fabric.

So I found the perfect answer to all of that in this loosely translated sunflower metal wall art. Maybe if people were actually going to eat here, it’s not the most functional placemat as they weren’t perfectly flat, hung off the table a couple inches (oops) and we had to nestle the stemware in between the “petals” of the flower, but sometimes you have to go with fabulous, before functional… I’m sure you all have a pair of shoes that resembles that!

Textured Glass Charger

Often times, when doing a tablescape, I look to the dishes to inspire me. This time, I opted to go with high visual value and chose mostly clear, but textured items. Crate and Barrel’s Sava Platter was exactly what we needed. The texture reminds me of bark on a tree, further enhancing the garden theme and it does lovely things with the light reflection coming in from the huge picture window overlooking the backyard.

I love the juxtaposition of the delicate placemat under the heavy thick glass to give it just a touch of the unexpected.

The Plates
The Plates

Next came the plates. I used the Cotton Clear dinner plate also from Crate and Barrel and then I got crafty with the salad plate. We chose the Frodig salad plate from Ikea because it had a very charming embossed pattern on the rim of the plate… but when we layered them all together, the pattern was lost. So I gold leafed the back of them and what a statement they make now! No longer dishwasher safe, but stunning!

Place Setting Completed
Place Setting Completed

To round out the place setting, flatware in a matte gold from West Elm, a resin lotus flower votive holder on close out from Z Gallerie that only came in white (never a problem for me) and a handmade napkin made from embroidered silk fabric.  The thread color of the embroidery is gold and blends perfectly the brassy gold of the table cloth and the warm gold of the salad plate. Last but not least is the center piece on top of the lotus flower.

It definitely needed the orange/red, but when we placed the flower inside, it didn’t get enough light and died a horrible death. It was truly sad, especially since we learned this on the install day. Luckily, we were able to resurrect it and add the visual value of glass by using an empty glass ornament that was left over from the centerpiece. It was much easier to get the flower in than out, but glass ornaments are a brilliant way to add color, texture and a touch of whimsy to any décor. Plus I just love using things in unexpected ways!

I’ll cover the centerpiece, chandeliers and chairs in the next post.

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