Luminous Spring Luncheon- Final

I think it’s really important to invite all of the components of a room to a special event. Just decorating the table creates an isolated instance of party and what you really want to do is create a gala event. That’s why I always decorate the chairs and chandeliers. There are hundreds of ways to adorn a chair, but this simple, no-sew application is my favorite… maybe even my signature.

Sheer Covered Chair
Sheer Covered Chair

You can use any fabric, but I prefer to use a sheer if the chair you’re using has good bones. Obviously, if it’s a hideous banquet chair- use an opaque fabric. This fabric was purchased at a local grimy warehouse fabric store. You know the kind- where you feel the need to shower after. It was $1.99/yd and we used 2yds at 60″w per chair , which is far less than any store bought bow and way more creative. Here’s how:

1. Lay the fabric (from back to front) over the chair so one end lines up with the seat at the back. Then pull a few extra inches to allow for tying.

2. Pull the long end through the opening between the seat and back. Fluff into a pretty puddle on the floor.

3. Take the corners of the short end and pull them around to the back and tie together.

4. Add a contrasting bow or other ornament if you like.

5. Tuck in things that stick out, fluff some more and walk away. Five minutes, $2 – DONE!

Now for the chandeliers… These particular lighting fixtures were a little too open and masculine to support the design theme of the table. It required some softness and lushness, which we accomplished with greenery. To repeat the visual value on the table, we added metallic gold sprigs at the top (like a crown) and sprigs of beaded twigs tucked around strategically.

Chandelier Before :-(
Chandelier Before 😦
Chandelier After :-)
Chandelier After 🙂
ceiling paint
Ceiling Treatment

The added bonus is that it brings the beautiful custom ceiling treatment into focus because your eyes gently follow the rich orange from the chairs to the place settings, to the centerpiece, up to the chandelier and voila! DESIGN TIP: It’s called stair-stepping and it’s one of the tricks of making good design, great!

DR Before
Before the Party
All Decked Out!

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