Day 4- Demolition

Did you know that as part of the floor preparation, not only do they remove every spec of “mud” with a spatula-like attachment for the Makita jack-hammer, but they also vacuum and then go back and sponge it off by hand. This concrete has never been so clean! They’ll be ready to start laying the tile (pictured in the background) on Monday!

Fun with Plumbing
Pipes in the way are no fun! 😦

Often times when you remove a soffit or tub deck or other hollow structure during a remodel, we find pipes or wires or the like running through the middle instead of being strapped into a wall. If you look closely, against the insulation, there is a copper line that runs all the way across the back wall, about a foot away from the wall. It feeds the steam unit, which we are keeping, so we’ve come up with a Plan B for the free standing tub. These things happen… I call the design opportunities. Our new solutions is going to help with the extra drain pipe in the back on the right, as well.

wires galore
Another tangled mess!

This wall is coming out to expand the kitchen island and open the space up… but no one wanted to touch it until the electrician came out to take care of the tangled mess that is five switches, a phone jack and one receptacle. Good news is we can cancel a few because they were 3-ways that originate on the adjacent wall.

cold beer
Frosty Goodness!

And after a really long and hard week, my amazing husband had this waiting for me when I got home! Love Oktoberfest- good beer and my birthday! It’s almost a perfect month! 😉

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