Day 6- Installation

Fun with plumbing!

All the rough plumbing changes have been made and the walls are ready to be closed up for tile.  This shower will get one stationary showerhead, one handheld (so important for easy clean up) and three body sprays. That equals lots of knobs and do-dads to poke out the wall, so exactly placement is crucial to having a nice clean finished installation.

Pictured Right: The big black thing on the left is the Thermostatic control that will allow our client to set a temperature and leave it there and then the three knobs to the right are for the Volume controls that will turn each of the three different components on and off.

body sprays
It’ll be a veritable car wash!

Pictured Below: The supply on the left is for the handheld and the beautiful arrangement on the right is for the body sprays.

DESIGN TIP: Whenever doing a renovation, always take pictures of the pipes and wires that are being added for proof of good work. And you thought I took them just for your amusement! 😉





The granite fabricator came today to make the templates for the countertops. They use a semi-translucent corrugated plastic to cut out the exactly shape and size of the countertops so they’ll fit perfectly. This island is actually going to have a rounded end, so I got to draw the shape I wanted for them to cut out. Once the shape and placement is approved, they go back and mark each finished edge, wall and sink so there is no confusion when the second team cuts the stone.

Granite Templates
Corrugated Plastic is the template material of choice!
Another Template
Another Template

They are really cranking along on this floor. The tile saw seems to constantly be running with 2 two-man teams working non-stop. I’m really liking how the floor is looking, but I am reminded that porcelain tile is rarely square or uniform in size. We’ll pick a grout color that will minimize the difference in grout size, but it’s an important fact to remind your clients of during the selection process. The more expensive the tile, the straighter the grout line will be.

No entrar!
Blue tape means No Entrar!
hall tile
Diagonal installation in the hall make it seem larger.


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