Day 7- More Installation

diagonal tile
Creeping into the great room!

I usually start to lose interest when the only guys working are the tile guys, because it seems a bit monotonous and endless… this job is no different. Don’t get me wrong- I love to see the progress and am always amazed at how fast everyone works with a looming deadline over their head. But it’s booooorrrriiiinnnng!

Drain pipes
Where are these going to go?

Until there is a challenge to overcome, which is when I get excited. That’s probably a bit backwards to how most people are wired, but I am happiest when I’m solving. And on closer inspection, I found something to fret about- hooray! These old drain pipes need to get inside this wall… and there are studs galore. I’m sure I should worry about this a little.

foyer medallian
A perfect circle cut with a Makita hand saw!

This was rather exciting though- my foyer medallion is coming to light!

DESIGN TIP: It is far easier for them to cut a perfect circle in tiles that are laid and set than to try to make one by cutting the tiles individually as they lay them. Check out Day 5 and you can see the foyer with all the tiles filled in. They didn’t actually stick them down, but they did fit them all in place to work from the inside out and them pulled them up once the outside was set.

Below is not a very exciting picture, but it is an ever so important DESIGN TIP: that all finish samples are approved and signed off on before the cabinet guy applies the finish to the doors. Because of our tight time frame on this job, he has installed all of the boxes and is not staining all of the doors and trims and moldings for the job. Typically, this would get done before anything is cut. Luckily for us, this client trusts me to make the final finish selections without her approval- hope they like it!!!

Finish Sample

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