Day 13-15

Accent Color
Copper goes to chocolate

Most of this week has been painting and since the painters have 90% of everything covered in plastic and the colors we chose were very close to the originals… the pictures don’t seem super dramatic.

The soffit in the kitchen gets a rich coat of chocolate brown to tie in the new cabinet color.

Frozen Tundra
The office gets a softer shade of blue.

The office stayed blue, but went to a slightly softer shade- this one is Dunn Edwards Frozen Tundra, which I’ve used a few times in the past- it just never disappoints.

Shower Tile
Decorative Tile in the Shower

All the while, the tile guys are busy at work in other parts of the house. Here is the custom decorative tile that I designed for their shower. It’s a mixture of slate and three different colors of glass tile. It’s both organic and sparkly at the same time.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TIP: Whenever possible, don’t double up on these two trades, as it tend to make both a little crabby for having to share the space. Even so, they’ve all done a great job at working together to meet our very aggressive dead-line!

Wood-look Porcelain
Master bedroom flooring- it’s porcelain!

The master bedroom, bathroom and closet are getting another type of wood-look porcelain tile that uses four different sized planks and has dramatic variance in coloring from plank to plank. I LOVE this one! The floor was so big in this space, that we really needed some visual texture to break it up- that’s a design tip, folks.

Wood-look Porcelain
Close up of the pattern
Bridge to the shower

This picture shows the 2×6 “bridge” they are using to get to the shower to continue installation in that space as well. They are really jumping through hoops for me! I was banned from entering the bathroom to see the progress of the shower as they didn’t trust that I would fall onto the wet tile. Fine! I’ll see it Monday!

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