Day 21

So nice when everything is perfect!
So nice when everything is perfect!

They say the Devil’s in the details, which is beyond apparent when the head tile installer takes almost a whole day to install the bullnose tile around the five glass block windows in the master shower. When you use Porcelain tile, the edges aren’t finished and it doesn’t polish like natural stone, so you have to use what’s called a surface bullnose piece, which has a factory finished edge. This particular installation was on a curved wall, so not only did he have to shape the back to fit the curve, but he had to facet the front and he was super particular about lining up the grout joints of the window frame with the tiles above it. These kinds of details are what set me apart and the people that I surround myself with believe what I believe!

Foyer Medallion

Here’s the ridiculous meticulous foyer medallion that I designed in half an hour and Rico took half a day to install. It looks a lot more complicated than it is, We used tile from the living and dining room and a glass tile from the kitchen and gave it a little tribal kind of feel which will go great with my client’s contemporary southwest art.

River rock floor
River rock shower floor

I’m so in love with the textures in this bathroom! Slate, stone, glass and river rock on the floor! It’s so organic and zen and lux all at the same time!

Even the outside ground is protected while we work. And the last picture is of the backsplash in the kitchen to see the fun pattern and rhythm it  implies.

Drop cloths protect the aggregate deck.


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