Day 22-23

Glass tiles accent wood-look porcelain.
Glass tiles accent wood-look porcelain.

Things are really starting to take shape and the finishing touches are being added. Well over 1000 of pounds of grout are going into this house… which is mildly ironic since she wanted a maintenance free house. At least none of the tile is porous. The foyer medallion has been installed with such precision and perfection that it’s almost scary. But I would have designed it this intricate if I knew it couldn’t have been done this well. My designs are only as good as the execution.

The big grout smear
The big grout smear

I don’t mind smearing the grout on and mashing it into the joints, but I really detest cleaning it off. I shudder every time I watch them. And it’s fairly disturbing when the best color for the tile actually looks like the contents of diapers…

Cleaning it off… not my favorite job.

Plumbing fixtures are going in throughout the house which is one of my favorite things because it’s the jewelry with the little black dress! This is the Brizo RSVP, which was modeled after the silhouette of a woman in a gown with a fabulous hat on. Love it!


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